Supreme Week 2 & 3

SO BACK ON THE PREME. I swear this isn’t all about Supreme but I am a big fan… and wear a lot.

Week 2. FUCK EM ALL. Going through this years look book, I only see 2 hoodies I want to cop. FUCK EM ALL and the BOGO (Red and Purple colourway is LIT).

When the FUCK EM ALL was announced on the second drop it was an obvious move, the Plum colourway adding a dash more colour to my loud as anything wardrobe. My pick of week 2 & 3 has to be this.

FW17’s game is STRONG and I am WEAK so will keep copping. In all it’s offensive glory here it is:

Offend your parents, and make your friends think your COOL!

Week 3. I took a massive L, didn’t cop a thing, left the game early on this. If you ask me I am going to regret not copping this:

Leopard Fleece Reversible Jacket. In red this is a unbelievable piece and anyone that copped in size Large and decided they want to sell… HIT ME UP.


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