Hysteric Piss


Week 5 seen Supreme Collab with HYSTERIC GLAMOUR, a Japanese cult brand brought into fashion by Supreme. Majority of the Expletive collection sold out in minutes with the belt in under 30 seconds (BOT and Autofill required, I guess…) .

Team Cosy wanted in on this big, and surprisingly the Fuck You Faux Fur Coat sold out in under 2 minutes. Fur real this is a popular piece… 

Hypebeast can also sleep in comfort in their new Duvet + Pillow set, if you wanted to put that much cash in on a duvet cover & pillow case. The only piece I picked up from week 5 was the mug, this Hypebeast made a mug of himself and paid £38, delivery wasn’t speedy on this for me it arrived latte…

OK. I apologies for that last one.  

Week 6 Supreme X Andres Serrano

After spending years of my life studying art and hours in galleries I always jump on the artist collaborations. For me to see Andres Serrano as a collaborative artist with Supreme is one of the most exciting. I’ve seen to much art to fain interest in the basic and boring, I want something that shocks, angers, disgusts. Art in it’s true form and nature should bare an impact, leave you with some form of emotion. I always remember my love for art starting on a school trip at 14 and viewing a painting of hell. For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the piece or the artist, but the fear it instilled in me still drives a creative passion.

Andres Serrano on the other hand shocks and appauls his viewers. The piece Piss Christ is a crucifix in a glass jar and filled with his own piss. Photographed, printed and then destroyed. Multiple times. THIS IS ART. The anger and passion that people feel over this is what art should do. 

As a fan of this piece and the artist I feel like I need to tell you Andres, please drink more water cause you are one dehydrated fucker guy. 

YEP, mate you need to drink the ocean let alone your 2 litres a day fella.

Throw this on a T shirt, and his blood and semen on a hoodie and some Vans and you have killer collaboration. For me the piece of the week is the Sk8 Hi Vans, my love for Sk8 Hi’s has been strong since age 12. Have you seen these? Absolute FIRE.


Causing controversy and seeing that Supreme aren’t afraid to push the limits with creativity and lack of care in offending anyone is how things should be. As soon as there was an opportunity to flex in this drop, I was all over it.




P.S. The L was took on the trimmers, phone crash...(damn).

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