TNF X Supreme Season is back.

HYPEBEASTS around the world will be going crazy right now, as Week 9 of FW17 for Supreme is about to drop. With possibly one of the biggest collabs season after season, high price tag, higher demand.

The North Face X Supreme will be here and gone in seconds. Get prepped as Pt1 drops this Thursday. This Hypebeast is waiting for Pt2, if you’ve seen the mock ups you know the earth, wind & fire coming.

What does Pt1 bring? 

Leather Nuptse Jacket: Rating this around a 6/10, nice jacket, not sure about a big padded leather jacket though. Regardless this will sell out FAST.

Leather Base Camp Duffle: THIS is where it’s at, giving this a solid 9/10. All about the red, this is a bag that would sit in any collection perfectly.

Leather Day Pack: This bag gets a 7/10, for when you want to carry some but not all your hype, swap for the smaller bag in this drop.

Leather Roo II Lumbar Pack: 5/10, feel indifferent, nice pack, not for me. I am 100% on the fence here.

Leather Gloves: 0/10, NOPE. These look like something straight from the murder scene in an episode of CSI.

Strong collab, but my money is sitting pretty in my pocket till Pt2 of The North Face X Supreme.



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