Winter is coming.

Is it just me or is it absolutely freezing in the UK now? As my Grandma would say “enough to freeze off someones brass balls”. Please imagine that being said extremely Geordie (Newcastle Upon Tyne accent? Think Geordie Shore but a 70-year-old lady, not whatever things they are..) Also extremely concerned for whoever has brass balls.

If like myself, you are refusing to admit that it is this cold, lets pretend we are still in Autumn not full-blown winter weather.

My recommendation for this last bit of Autumn? 100% has to be a Belstaff light biker jacket. If you don’t know what Belstaff is, you have been missing out, I guarantee once you have a look into these you will be wanting one. Originally designing clothing for motorcycle riders and racers the brand went on to be registered and Trademarked in 1927. Ten years later the civilian range was available across the UK. The brand rose slowly and steadily but it wasn’t until the 90’s when it truly built upon its iconic brand gaining even more popularity in the fashion world. Belstaff always ensured it held onto its ties in motorcycle racing, with its iconic styling of jackets such as the Trial-Master built to last any endurance race.  Belstaff  has always been at the forefront of Britain from aiding with the war effort, to icons such as David Beckham (Golden balls frozen off… brass balls? Could be a link, I’m on a tangent) modelling and creating a collection, to the stars of Hollywood; Will Smith wearing a custom in I am Legend. (Why can’t he make movies this good anymore?) Belstaff has been a part of British motorcycle, British History and Culture for over 100 years and it is showing no signs on stopping now. It’s now reaching globally and gaining more fans than ever, so make sure you keep up to date with this brand.


Since Autumn is full of Halloween, I recommend leopard print. Always a contender and my wardrobe possibly has too much. All Saints always have a great leopard print shirt in each season, make sure you have a look and get in there. Also I picked this Vans number up back in 2012 in Berlin, I had packed nowhere near enough, passed a Vans store so I stocked up. This is the last surviving T-shirt, Skate and Destroy, I guess.



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