Things got festive.

Okay, so after some of my rants recently about summer and being cold along with suggested Autumnal wear… I am 100% in the festive mood. IT’S F*CK!NG CHRISTMAS!

I visited Lincoln Market yesterday. This place was the definition of both festive fun and what it is to be British. We LOVE an orderly queue here in the UK. The megaphones all around the city really provided that extra touch of forceful organisation, don’t you dare go back on yourself for another free sample of cheese.

Once you have got yourself past the dictatorship style organisation, you’ll see that the town is filled to the brim with edibles and quaint gifts. Some of which are a load of utter crap, which in my family would be met with a comment along the lines of “great, more crap we didn’t need”, well excuse me if my guitar made out of an empty tuna can is filling the house full of pointless rubbish. #JohnWestPlayThatSong, no joke some guy was selling dulcimers made from John West Tuna Cans. Absolute fire.

Nothing screams festive fun like £10 for a slow spin. Cathedral was free, apart from the guy handing out donation slips (no cash, no problem pal, you can pay by card!) and architecturally was a beaut. Check it.

All jokes aside the day was a ball and the town was a hit for me. Definitely can see the tradition in this, although Edinburgh market last year was fantastic. Looking forward to hitting this up again, shout out to the in-laws for the lift and the other half for taking me in tow.

That stride though

Check out the strength of that stride. Vans X Braindead, bad choice for market wear (required some cleaning). Carhartt Parka, best choice, warmness all around and Carhartt coats are life savers in cold winters days. Third winter and still going strong.


Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, when I get drunk I’ll be fine…

All photographs by myself & Bottom Draw Decor. 


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