WDYWT, It’s Christmas Eve.

It’s Christmas TOMORROW! Total Honesty I am already Merry like the big guy himself right now. Already feel myself sliding sideways down this sofa.

Green is festive right?…

T-Shirt: Vans Raglan, Spring 2017, Olive Green.

Jacket: Supreme, SS17, Lace Bomber, Olive & MKI Hoody, Black.

Jeans: Nudie, Tight Long John, Black.

Shoes: Vans X BrainDead, 2017, Old Skool, Granite Green.


Merry Christmas, I hope you all have a ball! 


WDYWT like a rabbit in the headlights

You know what I truly enjoy, sitting in a passenger seat and staring out the window, imagining where I am going. If it’s home I don’t, I prefer the unexpected. 

Check Flag copy

Caught like a rabbit in the headlights.

Hat: Supreme, SS16, Red Camp.

T-Shirt: Supreme SS16, Pocket Tee, Check.

Jeans: Nudie, Long John, Light Blue.

Shoes: Vans, Summer 16, 2 tone check era.



I argue pink, other half says red, what’s your opinion?






Looking, waiting and I seem confused.


Hat: Supreme, SS16, M.C. Escher Camp, Black.

T-Shirt: Supreme Lace L/S Top, Burgundy.

Jeans: Nudie, Long John, Black (for a change).

Shoes: Vans, I don’t know what season, these have been in the archive a while. It’s rare I don’t know the full details of my footwear.




Things got festive.

Okay, so after some of my rants recently about summer and being cold along with suggested Autumnal wear… I am 100% in the festive mood. IT’S F*CK!NG CHRISTMAS!

I visited Lincoln Market yesterday. This place was the definition of both festive fun and what it is to be British. We LOVE an orderly queue here in the UK. The megaphones all around the city really provided that extra touch of forceful organisation, don’t you dare go back on yourself for another free sample of cheese.

Once you have got yourself past the dictatorship style organisation, you’ll see that the town is filled to the brim with edibles and quaint gifts. Some of which are a load of utter crap, which in my family would be met with a comment along the lines of “great, more crap we didn’t need”, well excuse me if my guitar made out of an empty tuna can is filling the house full of pointless rubbish. #JohnWestPlayThatSong, no joke some guy was selling dulcimers made from John West Tuna Cans. Absolute fire.

Nothing screams festive fun like £10 for a slow spin. Cathedral was free, apart from the guy handing out donation slips (no cash, no problem pal, you can pay by card!) and architecturally was a beaut. Check it.

All jokes aside the day was a ball and the town was a hit for me. Definitely can see the tradition in this, although Edinburgh market last year was fantastic. Looking forward to hitting this up again, shout out to the in-laws for the lift and the other half for taking me in tow.

That stride though

Check out the strength of that stride. Vans X Braindead, bad choice for market wear (required some cleaning). Carhartt Parka, best choice, warmness all around and Carhartt coats are life savers in cold winters days. Third winter and still going strong.


Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, when I get drunk I’ll be fine…

All photographs by myself & Bottom Draw Decor. 


Beer & Vans are LIFE.

Give me Vans, Give me Beer. Give me BOTH.


I still don’t know how to make beer, I still have no idea what all these big things around in these rooms are all that I know is that this systems is the only one in world? What was it called again? No idea… miracle. Beer is a miracle lets go with that then eh?


Yeah, so this is . . . Making out like I know what the fuck this is.



Recap the week.

Sheeeeee. It’s been a hell of a week. Burning through cash and taking some L’s.

Happy Thanksgiving to the States.

So I have picked some of what I liked dropping this week, kept it cliche with your big names. Going to be looking at what is hot and not in Supreme, Palace, Vans and the new Yeezys.


£1,098 for a half a halloween costume. To be fair I would rock the red, but price is mad, we all know this will sell out in time. Something for your flush Hypebeast.

Unexpected item I took a win on. Sacred Hearts, camp looking fresh in all colour ways. White with Red Bogo all the way for me. This design we’ve seen throughout the season, potential was there but for me wasn’t big on anything but the jacket, where I took a L. Still undecided on the Doc Collab, what was your opinions on this? Seeing this hat swayed me to being a fan of the design and print. This and the Olive Floral from two weeks ago are two fantastic designs, can’t decide which one is my season favourite. 

Oh, these are definitely not for the UK market, 100% American Hypebeast. Big stomping American Flag, Timberlands.


Palace have the best no fucks attitude out in the market. They also have the garms to back up their mouths. You need to have a look at the shots fired in the description of the above hat. I will let you search and find and reap the rewards.

Best piece of the drop has to be the P3 Parka in green. Some true real fire. Wish I put in a order in on this. Lack of funds, bollocks.

Vans X End

This is where the money went this week. I am too much of a Vans fiend, and for them to collaborate with End clothing a local brand I felt this is a part of a history I couldn’t pass on.

The nordic wool pack, nothing screams cosy winter like some wooly garms. Suppose to be buying Christmas presents but I did cop the Marshmallow colour way, cause how could I not! 


Yeezy, everyone loves these, word is Frozen Yellow are the rarest. Still on the fence on these.

I want to cop but also don’t. I’ve sat on the fence that long about these the splinters in my arse are now part of me.


*Images Sourced from supremenewyork.com, endclothing.com, palaceskateboards.com



WDYWT. Leopard Piss.

Went to Costco. Bought lot’s. In sizes larger than I needed. 10KG of mango chutney way a SHOUT. 

Hat: Supreme, SS16, Suede Camp, Black.

T-Shirt: Supreme X Andres Serrano, ‘Piss Christ’, Black.

Shirt: Penfield, Black/Pink floral.

Jeans: Nudie, Long John, Black (standard).

Shoes: Supreme X Vans, Mid, SS17, Black/Leopard Print.

Watch: G Shock, Black (‘G SHOCK I GOT A CRAZY GUM COLLECTION’ I hear that line every time I wear a G Shock, Tinie Tempa and his annoyingly catchy pop).




WDYWT (Flash back version)

MAN, I wish it was still summer. I say this but I do love winter and throwing on a nice big coat.

Currently wanting to grab a hat and camera and take a walk in the sun. I am one of those kinds that pretty much has a camera on them at most times. Despite my usual complaints of bursting into flame in anything slightly warmer than Newcastle, I do love some summer and I spent this one living in a Village by a zoo. If you thought I meant the residents, you are an awful person, but on hindsight…

SO then, what garms did I fancy rocking;

Hat: Supreme, SS16, Motion Logo, Black.

T-Shirt: Supreme/Haynes Tagless, White.

Shirt: Penfield, Black/Pink floral.

Jeans: Nudie, Long John, Light Denim.

Shoes: Vault by Vans, Authentic Jacquard LX in Jungle Check, Black/White.

These shoes  are 100% the outfit highlight. In my top pairs that is for sure, show me something snazzy and Vans and I will try my best not to take any L.



Winter is coming.

Is it just me or is it absolutely freezing in the UK now? As my Grandma would say “enough to freeze off someones brass balls”. Please imagine that being said extremely Geordie (Newcastle Upon Tyne accent? Think Geordie Shore but a 70-year-old lady, not whatever things they are..) Also extremely concerned for whoever has brass balls.

If like myself, you are refusing to admit that it is this cold, lets pretend we are still in Autumn not full-blown winter weather.

My recommendation for this last bit of Autumn? 100% has to be a Belstaff light biker jacket. If you don’t know what Belstaff is, you have been missing out, I guarantee once you have a look into these you will be wanting one. Originally designing clothing for motorcycle riders and racers the brand went on to be registered and Trademarked in 1927. Ten years later the civilian range was available across the UK. The brand rose slowly and steadily but it wasn’t until the 90’s when it truly built upon its iconic brand gaining even more popularity in the fashion world. Belstaff always ensured it held onto its ties in motorcycle racing, with its iconic styling of jackets such as the Trial-Master built to last any endurance race.  Belstaff  has always been at the forefront of Britain from aiding with the war effort, to icons such as David Beckham (Golden balls frozen off… brass balls? Could be a link, I’m on a tangent) modelling and creating a collection, to the stars of Hollywood; Will Smith wearing a custom in I am Legend. (Why can’t he make movies this good anymore?) Belstaff has been a part of British motorcycle, British History and Culture for over 100 years and it is showing no signs on stopping now. It’s now reaching globally and gaining more fans than ever, so make sure you keep up to date with this brand.


Since Autumn is full of Halloween, I recommend leopard print. Always a contender and my wardrobe possibly has too much. All Saints always have a great leopard print shirt in each season, make sure you have a look and get in there. Also I picked this Vans number up back in 2012 in Berlin, I had packed nowhere near enough, passed a Vans store so I stocked up. This is the last surviving T-shirt, Skate and Destroy, I guess.



Autumn Crisp.

I don’t know who doesn’t look forward to the start of fall. With Autumn fully upon us, it’s now that time of year to get out the warmer clothes. 

Before Winter hits, first is my FAVOURITE season. Autumn. Where the leaves are vibrant, pumpkins are ready for carving, one of the greatest holidays is here and conkers bounce off your head when you go venturing for a stroll. 

(HALLOWEEN, if you were wondering about one of the best holiday’s, check out Tuesday for some non-costume outfits with some edge). Shameless self promoting future blog post plug.

SO. What is essential in your Autumn Wardrobe? We all need some sturdy solid boots for walking and why not get some that look the part. I’m recommending ‘Red Wing’s‘.

Funny story, when showing the other half Red Wing’s in End she said she hated the exact pair I owned. Slightly wounded. Still like to prod fun on this one. Shout out to Bottom Drawer Decor, (blog coming soon) if you are buying a house soon check out what she does, she has an eye for making a room pop, and me buy it, and build it, and carry it, wait I see a pattern here…

If you haven’t heard of Red Wing’s check them here. Hailing from Minnesota in 1905, this is a brand that has lasted the test of time, and on your feet you can guarantee they will last . . . Maybe one pair won’t last you 112 years (could, maybe, probably not). But get yourself out and buy some and flex. 

The wavier the garm the better, always.

So Autumn is that time of year where you can bring out all the oranges and rusted red’s in your arsenal. The outfit that I have put together features a striped Supreme LS Tee from SS17, a Rust Red beanie from FW16 these two pieces are great together because the tones compliment one another perfectly. Combine these with a solid pair of deep navy Nudie Denim and you are almost ready to go. Deep denim goes perfectly with almost everything. Next is footwear, some Autumn trainers could be your route much like mine has been, or to dress the outfit up put on some brown boots (Red Wing’s, yep, I’m a fan – is that obvious?). With any shoes, make sure the detail is on point, I’ve gone for the Thrasher X Vans Sk8 Hi’s. One of my favourite pairs on my feet so expect to see these plenty. 

Now, get out, enjoy Autumn, carve some pumpkins, stroll in them woods, kick some leaves (watch out for dog shit, anyone else worry when kicking leaves they will kick a steamer? Or have I not grown up yet?) and make sure them conkers don’t fall on your head. 





What Did You Wear Today?

Taken briefly before my near dip in a pond.

Hat: Supreme X M.C. Escher, Camp, Black.

Top: Patta, LS College tee, White/Purple.

JeansAgain… Black Long Johns, Nudie.

Jacket: Alpha Industries Bomber/Flight Jacket, Cream.

Footwear: Supreme X Vans, Motion Logo, Blue.

One of the best hats in my collection is my Supreme X M.C. Escher. 

M.C. Escher is a dutch graphic artist. Famed for his so-called impossible constructions, these are enjoyed by people world wide to this day. He has and is continuing to influence artists, you can’t help but look at his work and follow the path, never reaching a true conclusion on your journey.

Anyone else look at these and wonder whats more impossible, your own life or these constructions? 



Car Parks & Pictures.

Just on a visit.

Hat: Supreme, FW16 Navy Nylon Camp. Camo you’ll regret you didn’t see. 

Top: Supreme/Haynes, black. Baggy comfort layers at it’s finest. Throw a bogo on no matter how small and they will be bought.

Shirt: All Saints, Autumn 16. If lumberjacks did monochrome. 

Jacket: All Saints, Rowley, Black Summer 16.

Jeans: Nudie, Long John, Black life in black denim is better.

Shoes:  Vans X Brain Dead, Old Skool, Foam Green.

Watch: Edifice X Casio.