TNF X Supreme Season is back.

HYPEBEASTS around the world will be going crazy right now, as Week 9 of FW17 for Supreme is about to drop. With possibly one of the biggest collabs season after season, high price tag, higher demand.

The North Face X Supreme will be here and gone in seconds. Get prepped as Pt1 drops this Thursday. This Hypebeast is waiting for Pt2, if you’ve seen the mock ups you know the earth, wind & fire coming.

What does Pt1 bring? 

Leather Nuptse Jacket: Rating this around a 6/10, nice jacket, not sure about a big padded leather jacket though. Regardless this will sell out FAST.

Leather Base Camp Duffle: THIS is where it’s at, giving this a solid 9/10. All about the red, this is a bag that would sit in any collection perfectly.

Leather Day Pack: This bag gets a 7/10, for when you want to carry some but not all your hype, swap for the smaller bag in this drop.

Leather Roo II Lumbar Pack: 5/10, feel indifferent, nice pack, not for me. I am 100% on the fence here.

Leather Gloves: 0/10, NOPE. These look like something straight from the murder scene in an episode of CSI.

Strong collab, but my money is sitting pretty in my pocket till Pt2 of The North Face X Supreme.



Vans X Brain Dead

When you gifted some real FIRE. 

Vans X Brain Dead. These two Iconic brands collaborated on a capsule collection built up of 2 Shirts, 2 T-shirts, a hat, a bag and 3 pairs of trainers.

The Pink pair are already a staple in both mine and my girlfriends wardrobe, although we don’t allow each other to rock at the same time. I say WE but anyone will know that they listen to this boss. #AfterAnEasyLife

Vans X Brain Dead Pink Era LX

Vans x Brain Dead Old Skool LX

“Brain Dead is a creative collective of artists and designers from around the world. With its disruptive, graphic-led approach, the brand takes its cues from post punk, underground comics, skateboarding, and the spirit of subculture as a whole. Brain Dead is not one person, nor is it one idea. It sits in the space between people.”

Brain Dead to me stand for the different the idea that sitting outside of societies norms is fine, after all who wants to sit in the norm? 

From the offset, the box makes these a stand out pair in my collection, who doesn’t love an exciting box to stand out in the footwear collection. The graphics scream Brain Dead the punk, skate aesthetic of the graphics embody destruction and individuality.

Combine these asthetics on a pair of Old Skool’s, lose the stripe across the side and give a pastel tone and Vans X Brain Dead have created possibly my favourite capsule of footwear. With two of three hitting the shelves in my collection, definitely think the yellow slip ons might have to be tracked down.

Being a Geordie, having a shop like END in Newcastle Upon Tyne is nothing short of amazing. Usually these stores are London based, Footpatrol kicking about the East End. SO being able to cop fire in person like this is something that I don’t take for granted. Only wish when I lived in London I had the funds to allow me to cop all the ‘Preme and Palace in person.

This season pastel colours are in, and they are in BIG, vans are getting in on this with these exclusive colour ways. I think my collection may need 3 of 3… 





They say, if you say his name 3 times he appears.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice… did you hear that? 



Nope just the Labrador by my feet snoring her head off. 







Swift cinema trip looking like I’ve stepped out as a body double from beetle juice.

Hat: Supreme, Suede, Black, FW15.

Top: Supreme, Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath collaboration, SS16.

Hoodie: American Apparel, Black.

Jacket: Supreme, Work Jacket SS17, Black/White.

Jeans: Nudie, Long John, Black.




Brah, Palace back now.

BOOM, Palace Winter 2017 has started to drop. 

Some wavy garms, sold without effort. Sick BRAH. This description resonate with anyone else? Struggles for real.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 20.28.07

WEEK 1 Pick ups. 

Perfect t-shirt for your other half to go psycho on, guide marks to help them fuck up your shit. Perfect accessory to show your feels on that basket case. Give them the finger in style. Pin badge, no reason. Part of the pin badge collection, which I have. For no reason again.


Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 20.22.18


Man was after one of these. Missed out, in hindsight wish I went for the blue…




Looking at the Lookbook for this years garms, this is what’s up on the hit list for this season.

Going for a go faster stripe, on a Tee and a Hoodie. Took a L on the Tee but gonna get HIGH on the Hoodie.


Someday this will all be pointless. 



Week 6 is here.

Trim boiz, get the most Supreme fade of your life.
Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 22.11.49

Trimmer so strong it could shave Chewbacca. 

The one and only cop is the Supreme®/Andis® Envy™ Li Adjustable Blade Clipper. Some fresh pieces dropping but nothing I will be heading out for apart from this. Aiming not to take a L on this. I will update you on my next post, which will be when my week 5 arrives, week 4 arrived yesterday!? So another double post coming.


Anyone that claims to have understood every word spoke in Scarface is a liar. 

Slightly sad that we aren’t seeing any of the Scarface collection dropping this week, this is a set of tee’s that I want to see and is going to look fresh a.f. Don’t get high on your own supply.

PS. Is it too early to mention the Bape x Supreme collab? This will be some next level FIRE.

Supreme Week 2 & 3

SO BACK ON THE PREME. I swear this isn’t all about Supreme but I am a big fan… and wear a lot.

Week 2. FUCK EM ALL. Going through this years look book, I only see 2 hoodies I want to cop. FUCK EM ALL and the BOGO (Red and Purple colourway is LIT).

When the FUCK EM ALL was announced on the second drop it was an obvious move, the Plum colourway adding a dash more colour to my loud as anything wardrobe. My pick of week 2 & 3 has to be this.

FW17’s game is STRONG and I am WEAK so will keep copping. In all it’s offensive glory here it is:

Offend your parents, and make your friends think your COOL!

Week 3. I took a massive L, didn’t cop a thing, left the game early on this. If you ask me I am going to regret not copping this:

Leopard Fleece Reversible Jacket. In red this is a unbelievable piece and anyone that copped in size Large and decided they want to sell… HIT ME UP.



What Did You Wear Today?



Hat: Supreme Camp; Brown White Camo, Red bogo

Top: Patagonia LS White

Trousers: All Saints Chino

Footwear: Vans X Thrasher Sk8 Hi


Grey Britain today, what more could you expect from September? No more Summer, not quite Autumn. That time of year which feels like limbo. Bright side is, perfect long sleeve weather, any streetwear wardrobe is incomplete without Patagonia, always keep mine stocked with a LS White and LS Black.

For you Supreme Fans, can you believe that this hat is FW16? Longing for time to calm itself down a bit. The cow camo has been a firm favourite in my rotation since. I remember buying this while in a field at Leeds Festival, how I managed to cop while that intoxicated, no idea. Flooded tents, loud music, urine flying in pint cups, and that smell that can only be described as disgusting yet blissful freedom of no responsibility… Festival season 2018 is calling already! 

Vans X Thrasher



Sheeeeee, these beauts are still sitting online at Vans (perplexes me). With the iconic Thrasher flames wrapping around the Sk8 Hi silhouette, these are an old school dream. The subtle release of these created quite a stir, now been out a while, the apparel sold FAST, yet the footwear has sat. For me these were the piece to get, these have become part of regular rotation.


Week one finally arrived.

SO FINALLY, my week one cops arrived. Once again the size of week one was something else. Always a large drop, always too much I want. I copped all I wanted (taking a massive L on the Nas Tee, but we can just ignore my BIG L).

What did I actually cop then?

#shovellingshit #cleanteethgang


Time to start digging.

SO who is part of the clean teeth gang? Following up last years incense matches, this years free gift of a Toothbrush had all the Hypebeasts talking. Could hear the murmurs in LDN about how fresh Pete’s breath was after getting a new brush.

Did anyone anyone else cop the shovel? I certainly dug myself a hole with the other half after that landed on the door step. How could I resist this though, absolute FIRE.

Michel who?


Michelangelo, who else. Anyone remotely into art knows this name, even if you don’t you would recognise his naked David (Cheeky, depending on angle). This year supreme have brought his art to a LS Top, burgundy was fire from the offset and this piece was a must in my collection. The fit is nothing short of perfect, baggy in all the right places and a LS Tee with loose fitting wrist. This piece is 100% my piece of the week.

Made Possible With Your Support. The Venus tee was teased before the season even started, slight change to the bank print on actual drop. Always a sucker for a front and back print, nothing wrong with being the person who takes their jacket off cause the back print is too good to hide.

Pack your bags.


Does anyone remember those HEAD Sports Bags? I remember members of my family carrying so much trash around in those, these feel like a throwback to them. The way SUPREME is wrote across the top, all the way down to the material used. This has sat now for 3 weeks in the black why I don’t know. cause Supreme threw a curveball with something different. Keep an eye out for posts to come and you will get to know I look to be different while everything now is mainstream. I’ve seen people say it’s like a bin bag, personally I love these new bags. I did always rock bin bags as a kid at halloween and was always the freshest bin bag monster on the block. #TheFoxHuntersPub #HalloweenChampOf1999 

Did you even start the season if you didn’t get some new headwear?

Mandatory hat. If I’m out of work you will find me with a hat on my head turned backwards and most likely Vans on my feet. Pink Camo? Yeah, sorry no way I was holding back on this LIT piece. The wardrobe will feature the single block colours, but once you’ve built your base it is time to push the boundaries, get some wavy patterns and snazzy garms. This hat combined with Vans Vault X Brain Dead Era LX or Vans X Stussy Chukka Boots in Pink make for more Iconic Duos than Kanye West and Taylor Swift . . . Wait, what? #shovellingsomeshit