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Looking through the archive of work. Came across this little GEM. Who doesn’t love these guys? Snazzy outerwear all year.

_DSC2588 copy

Forgot that I had taken this, back in 2013 in Barcelona Zoo before flamingo everything was a thing. Day I met the other half I joked way too much about flamingos, now all we do is buy each other various flamingo things, you should see how much flamingo based products we have for the house. We are going to look mental. For the record not sure I agree with any zoo. Unless the animals have some unreal space and freedom. Swear I’m not getting preachy.



Post for you chick. 




WDYWT (Flash back version)

MAN, I wish it was still summer. I say this but I do love winter and throwing on a nice big coat.

Currently wanting to grab a hat and camera and take a walk in the sun. I am one of those kinds that pretty much has a camera on them at most times. Despite my usual complaints of bursting into flame in anything slightly warmer than Newcastle, I do love some summer and I spent this one living in a Village by a zoo. If you thought I meant the residents, you are an awful person, but on hindsight…

SO then, what garms did I fancy rocking;

Hat: Supreme, SS16, Motion Logo, Black.

T-Shirt: Supreme/Haynes Tagless, White.

Shirt: Penfield, Black/Pink floral.

Jeans: Nudie, Long John, Light Denim.

Shoes: Vault by Vans, Authentic Jacquard LX in Jungle Check, Black/White.

These shoes  are 100% the outfit highlight. In my top pairs that is for sure, show me something snazzy and Vans and I will try my best not to take any L.